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How to Charm your Customers


It’s time to be honest. Blogging is hard work.


You’ve done your research into why blogs are great for your business. You have ideas, and you’ve created your blog. But how do you keep your customers interested? How do you make your blogs convert into leads? And can you create that blog that leaves your customers wanting more?

Making your readers, and your customers fall madly in love with your company, may sound daunting, even an impossible task. Yet, it doesn’t have to be, you just need to follow a few simple rules, and you’ll be flying along…

1) Useful Tips

Stop seeing your blog as a platform to flog your wears, Who are you speaking to? Your company or your customers? Instead see your blog as a tool to help your customers make decisions or advise them on product linked to your industry. Remember, your readers will want to know what’s in it for them if they invest in your company, you are not the only one in your industry. So if your voice becomes the one that has been most helpful to them, then that is what is going to make that reader choose you.

One technique I always use when blogging is to answer these two questions. It really helps me to streamline my thoughts, and make sure I am aiming just right.

1, Who is my customer?

2, How can I help them?


2) Be More Informal

Drop the corporate tone. Seriously. It doesn’t grab today’s readers. They’re in a hurry, and don’t want to tackle heavy wording. A business like tone also makes you seem less approachable, and more stuck up. So, drop it, and pick up the informal – it’s a little easier to write as well. Imagine you are having a conversation with your reader. These little titbits always help;

1, Write in second person – you, you’re your.

2, Rhetorical questions, the perfect way to engage your reader! You ask, and they fill in the blank in their heads!

3, Get rid of the business jargon. No one buys into it, let’s face it, neither do you.

4, Get to the point! Cut down on the waffle and stick to it!

5, Keep your blog short – aim for 500 – 1000 words.


3) Produce Something Useful

Remember, your customers want to know what’s in it for them if they buy into your company. Show your authority by producing news articles on what’s happening in your industry, give reviews on products, and give them inspiration by showing them what you have been up to. Keep it varied, and something that your customer will value. Most importantly, keep it light, and keep it in line with your company.


4) Produce Headers that Grab and Openings that Entice

I know that this part will whip you right back to all those summer afternoons spent in a stuffy classroom, ignoring your English teacher whilst you dream of being outside. But what they had to say is important!

In this fast paced world, and with information at people’s finger tips, you want to make sure that it’s your content that grabs them, rather than your competitor’s. The best way to do this is by creating headers that grab their interest. Keep them short, and to the point, but conveying enough information that your main point of the blog gets through. As for your opening, remember, keep it conversational, and open with empathy. You are recognising that they have an issue, that it’s a common one, and that you, ultimately, have the answer to their problem.


5) Create an Email List

It’s so important to create relationships with your customers, yet it is also a little tricky to do so. They may find your blog, and convert on your page. Yet with so many sites out there, you’ll be tricky to find again. An email list is the perfect way for you to keep those customers up to date with what you have been up to. Creating email lists is so easy these days, with the help of sites like MailChimp you’ll be sailing away. Yet, to get your customers to sign up, you’ll have to entice them first. Perhaps give something away for free, like an e-book, or get people to sign up to enter a competition. The possibilities are endless!


I do sympathise, blogging is hard work, and there is so much to remember and aim for to make it readable and likeable. But with all things, perseverance is the main key. By sharing on Social Media, your interaction rate, over time will increase, especially when your content is being shared by other bloggers. If you remember this, and showcase your best, your goals will be in reach.


Do I Have to Blog?


Blogs are tricky beasts. To be successful, they have to be wrapped in a nice, well written, informative package. A skill which not everyone possesses, especially when you have to consider if you’ve got your SEO right or if it is actually interesting to your audience, not just you. So is it worthwhile for businesses to blog, especially if you’re a small business?

I would always argue that yes, any company, whatever the size should have a blog. I get it, time is an issue. You have a lot on your plate! But blogs, as a sales tool can really help to promote you and your business. And if you need more convincing, here are five ways blogs can do just that.

1) Blogs help to drive traffic to your website

Your website is your greatest sales tool. With 77% of customers now completing online, driving people to your page is a must. Blogs are the perfect way for you to do just that. It’s sort of like fishing. If you put out many different hooks, with tasty treats on the end, the more likely you are to reaching your goal – catching a fish. It’s the same with blogs. You are putting out blog posts onto social media, which then catch a possible customer. What’s more, the more blogs you create with your keywords on them, the higher up you go in Google ranking. With the higher amount of domains, and more possibility of customers finding you, the higher are your chances of people completing on your website.

2) Supports Social Media

We already know that Social Media is important. However, creating content for Social can be a little tricky, and that’s where blogs come in. They not only drive people to your site, but also act as a tool to get customers to interact with you and share your message. Easy to manage, and a more interesting read for your customers, blogs are a higher quality post giving your customers a more detailed insite into you and your brand.

3) Humanizes Your Brand

Due to Social Media, 44% of customers contact companies directly on Social Media. It’s important therefore that your company is friendly and approachable. The best way to do this is give your customers a backstage pass with Social Media and your blog. By showcasing what you have been up to, and what you are interested in gives you an informal form of testimonial, as well as a free pass for your customers to be inspired by you and your brand.

4) Improves your Indistrial Authority

The best types of blogs answer common questios your customers may have. If you are constantly feeding your customers what they need, without them having to contact you, your standing will grow in their eyes. You become the trusted and well informed authority in your industry. What’s more, with customers now holding a lot of power in their buying process, by ensuring your website stands out in the customer’s mind, they would be more likely to convert with you, rather than your competition.

5) Improves Conversion Rates

Having a website isn’t the be all and end all. It is important that your website stays relevant and shows recent activity on it. Blogs are the easiest way to do this. They clearly and easily show what you have in, and what you have been up to. Such a simple act shows that you are upto date, and most importantly that you are still trading.